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What we do
What we do

The Falcons design, innovate and deliver solutions in software, hardware and machinery branches. Driven by a passion for innovation, we use the power of technology to create solutions that empower businesses and drive growth.

Custom Hardware
Custom Hardware solutions

If you think your machines cannot talk, Falcon will prove to you that anything is possible. We design and build in-house hardware and embedded systems for industrial automation. Our products enable industrial equipment to communicate and share information.

Custom Software
Custom Software solutions

We can build a product from start to finish and our toolset consists of top-performing, tested technologies.
  • Unique apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Embedded software
  • System integrations
  • CRM, MES & ERP systems

Custom Machine
Custom Machine solutions

Development of complex systems and custom solutions is our specialty. Our skilled team of engineers covers all customer needs:

  • Consulting
  • Conceptual design
  • Dynamic and finite element analysis
  • Manufacturing
  • Operational support


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