About us

About us

We are The Falcon Technology.

Software, Hardware and Machinery development company.

Our software team creates the best software solutions from vision to final product.

Our hardware team designs hardware with no limits for custom implementations in any industry branch.

Our machinery team designs mechanical systems for specific customer needs, optimizing your plant with Falcon simplicity vision.

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Company Vision

Falcon's vision is to place and sell the best software, hardware and machine solutions on the European and global market. The company pursues its vision and business goal related to quality and business process management by continuously improving the quality of service and the product itself. Improvements, transformations and adaptations of new business challenges that result in stable and lasting business success are what the company strives for.

Company mission

The company's mission is to professionally approach all client requirements to ensure business cooperation at a higher level. The company provides customers with the best software, hardware and machine solutions and business improvements.

Company goal

Falcon’s goal is stable and continuous growth in all lines of business. In addition, goals are marketed solutions produced by the company itself and their constant improvement. The company is focused on developing IOT platforms, software solutions, hardware and industrial machinery. Constant improvement, process optimization and investment in a quality team of experts enable the company to solve the most complex tasks.