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RFID card reader & Label printer

There are certain devices that we use in the process of industrial automation, depending on the client's needs. Some of them are: RFID card reader and Label printer.

RFID card reader

RFID tags are commonly used in access control systems, where each authorized person is given an RFID card, which contains a tag with a unique identifier that is read by an RFID card reader.

The reader grants or denies access based on the user's credentials. The system works by placing an RFID reader at the entry point of a restricted area. When an authorized user approaches the reader with their RFID tag placed in the card, the reader reads the tag's unique identifier and compares it with the list of authorized users in the system's database.

If the user's credentials match, the reader grants access to the restricted area. In addition to controlling access, the RFID tag access control system can also track user activity, providing a record of who accessed a particular area and when.

Steel Mobile UI Picture 1. RFID card reader

By using RFID tags and RFID readers, it is possible to easily control employee access, monitor productivity and ensure the safety of the work environment.

Label printer

Graphical and textual data sent from the cloud are forwarded by the device to the printer which prints work order. The label printer prints work orders using thermal transfer printing method, in which material is applied to paper or plastic by melting a coating of ribbon so that it stays glued to the material on which the print is applied. What is also interesting is that printers can print stickers with UHF RFID tags.

Steel Mobile UI Picture 2. Label printer

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