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Falcon's hardware

Our IoT hardware devices along with antennas and RFID tags are used for real time inventory data in warehouses, for tracking incoming and outgoing goods, access control and others. Devices can be upgraded and set up remotely. Connected with our software can be customized for customers in a wide range of applications, tailored to our customers needs.

Steel Mobile UI Picture 1. Falcon's hardware device

Our IoT devices communicate with other components, collect tags in space, process all information and forward it to the cloud. Also, it is important to know that communication between device and cloud is two-way communication. All electronic hardware components for automation systems can be placed in an IoT hardware box. System settings can be changed remotely and additional possibilities can be added by the client request.

Steel Mobile UI Picture 2. Falcon's IoT hardware box

There are a number of other purpose of IoT devices in embedded systems, and some of them are:

    which can detect changes in temperature, humidity, pressure and also detect equipment failure, monitor the performance of machines, or monitor a conditions in a production lines
    which can reduce energy consumption with adjusting lighting levels
    which can improve farming efficiency, productivity and sustainability by leveraging sensor data, analytics and connectivity. IoT devices can be used to collect real-time data on temperature, soil moisture, humidity, etc. The most important benefits are that farmers can track data remotely and the system can be automated
    Camera as sensor in industry has many appliances, like package inspection in which MV systems can be used to inspect the packaging of products, such as food or pharmaceuticals, to ensure that they are properly sealed and labeled

Find out more about UHF RFID system, our application STEEL or mobile app STEEL WAREHOUSE.

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